New Apartment! Part 2

So remember that adorable studio apartment I told you all about? Well it wasn’t so adorable once the cockroaches decided to move in too.

Seriously. We found 8 in a week, which was so surprising because the building manager keeps the whole place immaculate and none of our neighbors were having the same problem.

Hence, we went in to meet with her, ready to battle it out to break our lease, and ended up in an upgraded one bedroom! Funny how things work out. This new new apartment is even better than the last, partially by nature of it being a one bedroom. Renovated kitchen and bathroom. Hardwood floors. Twice exterminated in the last week. Just to be safe😉

It’s in the same building as our studio, but we have moved to the second floor. Let me tell you, moving was RIDICULOUS. Joseph and I each only had ONE day off to move our entire apartment. This means that the two of us had to haul a mattress, box spring, table, chairs, kitchen island, night stands, and then all of the stuff we had moved into the other place. We had to get our new refrigerator put in (perfect fit to all those naysayers who thought I couldn’t use a measuring tape properly😛 ), switch over all the utilities, basically repeat everything we had to do only three weeks ago but in one day.

And somehow we did all that AND got our new apartment completely organized and moved in. Needless to say we earned a date at our new favorite place Stella Barra. Awesome pizza and cookies there; ask for Mark. He’s the best.

Anyways after all that drama and heavy lifting, we are even more excited about our new new apartment and can’t wait to save up enough to furnish our currently empty living room. Hardwood floors echo so much more than I expected!

Grove Date

Apartment moving seems never-ending. As soon as you think you are finished, can finally say that you are all moved in and settled, more things start coming up. Suddenly you realize that there is no room for your shoes, that you need to move the microwave on top of the refrigerator because otherwise you are risking water damage, and then what the heck it’s June 1st tomorrow and rent is already due?!

Thirteen days has gone by quickly to say the least.

So when we realized that Joseph had both Thursday and Friday off, a mini date at The Grove seemed like a perfect little unwinding time that we both desperately needed after all this moving. I love how we live a mere three miles from The Grove so going there for a drink and a little bit of walking around isn’t a production. When you live out of the central area, you almost feel the need to spend as much time as possible at a place just to make the gas money worth it. Not when you could practically walk there (well it would be a long walk, especially in heels). All we did was go, have a drink at Mixology 101, wander, grab a snack, and head home. A few hours was a perfect amount.

I will say, Mixology 101 is not only not worth the time or money, but it probably won’t be there for much longer. It already has the signs of high employee turnover which is never a good thing, and the bartender wasn’t very good. I know it’s probably not a sign to anyone else, but to me if you are hiring someone who still thinks that scrunchies are appropriate work-hair attire, you are going down quickly. Shame too since the place has potential.

As for the house update (so fun to be able to say the house or my parents’ house because I have an apartment!), my parents are officially becoming empty  nesters! Kevin is moving out today to…well I don’t actually know where his new apartment is come to think of it. But it’s exciting and kind of funny that all three children are out of the house within exactly two weeks of each other. Mom and Dad are going to have a weirdly empty house tonight!

Have a good weekend everyone:)

New Home

Things are crazy around here. It seems like only last week I was living at home with my parents and Joseph, working and writing at my leisure.

Oh wait. It was.

And now everything is changing.

We moved! Joseph and I finally have our own adorable apartment as of last Friday. It’s been quite the whirlwind move, literally the gap between finding the apartment and signing the lease was less than 48 hours. And now we are almost completely moved in to our place.

There’s been furniture buying and assembling, grocery shopping, utility calling, and all manner of -inging. It’s been nuts. And a little bit bananas. Hmm, maybe nut covered chocolate bananas? There’s always money in the banana stand!

No seriously moving in has been a lot of work, but a ton of fun and Joseph and I couldn’t be happier. And I assembled our kitchen island almost by myself. Not gunna lie I felt pretty badass.

Tonight is the first night I’ve had to chill and catch up on all my writing since the move. You don’t really realize how much work moving is until suddenly you have to fit all of your stuff into a studio apartment and you realize you have no furniture. Doesn’t leave much time for writing! But I think I’m getting updated, most importantly with Once Upon an Afternoon Tea.

Have you checked it out yet? You should. It’s awesome. And scones are involved.

Talk to you soon from our new apartment!

New Blog Officially Launched!

Yep I finally set up and posted on my new tea-devoted blog Once Upon an Afternoon Tea. I’m giddy like a child over this blog! I love the concept, I love the design, I love the potential, but most of all I love the field research😉

So start checking it out and be front and center to watch it grow:


A Day Off? What is THAT?

Joseph had a day off today. And I don’t mean a day off as in a “day off but really still working on things like acting and writing and errands” but like a legitimate day off. No obligations, no appointments, just plenty of time for him to unwind both alone and with me, his fiance. Remember we’re engaged?😀

We started off our lazy day with hot yoga. Okay so that isn’t like super lazy since it is a workout and you do sweat like a pig (again, irony because pigs don’t sweat! I think…) but we’ve wanted to go for ages and finally had the time to. And somehow we found a studio right down the street from us and are officially obsessed. I love it!!! I’ve gone three days straight and am going tomorrow after work. And it was fun to do something together that we’ve wanted to do since we met and started dating all those months ago. Success.

Then after a much needed shower, I went to another tea room with my mom while Joseph went to the chiropractor (it was a spur of the moment thing so it wasn’t a planned appointment to break his day off). That review will be on the new blog (launching soon hopefully), which I’m really excited for:) Mom and I are having a blast setting it all up and have so many articles and columns planned. I’m like a little kid, but with more sophisticated inspirations. And more caffeine. And bigger words.

And tonight we went on a date. Like an actual date! Ate sushi with chopsticks and acted all couple-y and sickening sweet. Normally I’m a bit anti-PDA, but I haven’t had a date in so long that I didn’t care what anybody thought.  I wanted Joseph-Jenna time and if that means we sit on the same side of a booth as each other than so be it.:)

So just quickly checking in and trying to get back into a regular blogging routine. Happy Wednesday. Almost the weekend, I promise. Hang in there! Some really exciting things are in the works right now with this new blog growing daily and commercial headshots on Monday.

A Server’s Story

First of all, I’ve been getting questions about the tea room reviews (for those of you who didn’t know I have been continuing my “afternoon teas” with Mom since that review) and apart from being busy and forgetting to write the reviews timely, I am still trying to figure out a name for the new blog where I’ll be doing to tea room reviews, scone and dessert recipes, bakery reviews, and fun tea facts. We had almost decided on The Crumpet Strumpets, but we learned today that there is an inappropriate saying in Australia regarding crumpets, and well we know the definition of a strumpet so as cute and clever as it may be, The Crumpet Strumpets might not be the best bet. So the front runner right now is Once Upon an Afternoon Tea. Thoughts?

Back when I first started being a server, I made a decision to keep work separate from this blog. But I’m going to break it today, because I had an experience that not only reminded me why being a server can be so great, but also just shows that there is some kindness and good people out in the world. Being a server you see a lot of cranky, crabby, and just plain rude people, and there are just bad things going on in the world all the time, so I like sweet little stories of decency.

I had an overly full section today: nine tables. And they were all full at all times. And people were getting a bit impatient (I totally understand) because we were a lot busier than we expected–come on it’s a Tuesday! The hostess told me to be careful as one of my tables was not in a good mood and may be difficult customers. Always appreciate the head’s up.

I went over, greeted them, took their tea order, and then one of the women apologized to me for being so indecisive about her tea. She told me that on her way over to our restaurant she had gotten in a car accident. The accident wasn’t bad, but the person who hit her was uncooperative and just made the experience even worse. Well that explains the bad moods. (Proof also that you never really know what is going on with someone.)

After giving her my dad’s information (since he is a lawyer), I made sure I took the best and kindest service I could give with my packed section. Over the course of the meal, the women seemed to start smiling again and began to relax; I hope they were able to take some time away from the car accident and to enjoy each others’ company and their teas. I talked to our manager and asked if I could give the car woman a little dessert on a “feel better” plate. I was more than prepared to pay for the petit four, but one of the wonderful things about my job is how understanding and people-oriented my employers are. They care more about our guests than the nitty-gritty of the bottom line. They are the most decent employers I have ever had. Anyways, the manager waved my offer away and told me that the petit four was on the restaurant and that he hopes everything works out for her.

I made the plate and delivered the dessert when the lady was in the restroom, so I didn’t get to see her reaction. Seeing that wasn’t important to me, I just wanted to make her feel a little better. Based on her attitude when I dropped off the check, it was successful and I know she appreciated the gesture.

What shocked me was the closing out of her check: when I picked up the checkbook, she blew me a kiss and told me that there was no need to bring any change back. I have never felt so sincerely thanked at my job than I did in that moment. And she and her friends left me an incredible tip. When I saw it, I will admit I nearly cried. Not from the money–I’m not shallow enough for the money to really matter–but from the gesture, the unsolicited thank you from a woman who had been having a terrible day that I was able to make just a little better.

So to that customer: I know you will probably never read this, and I will probably never meet you again, but I hope somehow you know that as much as I helped you, you helped me even more. You reminded me that people are kind, that people are generous, and that essentially people can be good. You embraced and raised my spirits as much as I did yours, and I am very grateful for your sweet gesture.

Thank you my random customer. You reminded this server why she chose this job in the first place.

New Blog Title

I’m still kind of bouncing around the thought in my head of starting a new blog devoted to afternoon tea, scones, treats, and fun facts about afternoon tea, scones, and treats. It sounds like a fun little side project particularly since I’ve stopped doing my book review blog (just not enough traffic to really make the time writing reviews worth it). But the hardest part is coming up with a name. I have some ideas…

The Crumpet Strumpet
The Clotted Creamery
Tea and Crumpets
The Cream Tea Dream

Any thoughts? Any more ideas?