One week and counting down

Today is the official beginning of my year abroad! Okay, so technically my flight for England doesn’t leave for a week, but today was the day when I really began to get the final things together and said more of my good-byes.  The first one was the 5th grade class I’ve been volunteering at for the past three weeks.  The kids are so great, and I can’t wait to come back in December and see them all again. The second was my friend Sarah who thankfully came back to LA for a few days so that we could get coffee one last time! (Okay, so that may not be the real reason she came down here, but that’s the excuse we are using.) Laundry was started, packing clothing commenced, it’s all going to have to come together really quickly.

Three days from now, Sunday, my mom and I are leaving for New York for a few days before I fly to England.  But first, more packing, more craziness, more good-byes, and a Daddy-Daughter Day at Disneyland! How’s that for an awesome alliteration 😉


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