The Power of the Ziploc Bag

Never–I repeat, NEVER–underestimate the awesome power of the Ziploc bags.  I may end up sounding like an infomercial for the company for a few lines, so bear with me.  They really do come in all sizes and have multiple uses besides food storage.  Today, the Ziploc bag ranging from sandwich size to 10 gallons found new life as vacuum sealers for my entire life.

Anxiety is obviously running at a pretty high rate with my leaving in 72 hours and trying to pack enough to survive on (stylishly of course) for an entire year staying under the 50 pound limit.  As such, Mummy and I decided around 4 pm that we were going to conquer the suitcase and completely start and finish packing.  We figured this way I would be able to enjoy the next two days of final goodbyes and Daddy-Daughter Date Day at Disneyland (the alliteration continues to grow!) without the stress of packing.

I’m happy to say that we did reach our goal and that I am officially packed and ready to go to Oxford and newly in awe of the Ziploc company.  We rolled up every article of clothing I’m bringing with me and basically vacuum sealed them into these 2 gallon bags.  I’m pretty sure we fit about ten shirts into one of those baggies.  Then there were all the toiletries because apparently shampoo runs you a small fortune in the UK (if toothpaste is the same situation, that would explain all the bad teeth). And then my shoes.  I showed restraint, I promise! Only 3 pairs of high heels! Finally, there was all the paperwork and vitamins and fun stuff like that. And then came the weight check. It bounced around a bit, but settled at 48 lbs! Woot! I guarantee about 10 of those pounds were the Ziploc bags alone.  I will be known at orientation as the Bag Girl.


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