Oh Internet, How I’ve Missed Thee

Try going an entire week without any internet, I dare you.  I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible (obviously since I am sitting here alive) but it is unbelievably frustrating and inconvenient when you are trying to contact someone in the States and you can’t make international phone calls. So sorry that pretty much no one has heard from me, but as you can obviously now tell…I’m safely in England and officially moved in at Oxford!!

New York was a crazy hectic, but awesome, trip.  We saw the World Trade Center Memorial, walked to Central Park and the Met, the UN, took a dance at Broadway Dance Center (EDGE is better!), and saw a Broadway play.  Don’t be too jealous but we saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with the incredible Daniel Radcliffe.  It was surprisingly fantastic and funny, and I got his autograph and a picture!! And we ate these adorable little cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.  They were mini 🙂

Wednesday night I flew out to orientation in London for the past three and a half days.  Almost all of us are going to Oxford, so it was a great way to bond with other really down to earth Americans before heading off to the college. I made some really cool friends whom I hung out with most of the time.  Only one (Sam, just in case he ever comes up again in stories) is going to St. Edmund Hall with me.  Everyone else mostly (Dorothy, Bryce, Josh, Kenny, etc) is going to St. Catherine’s College.  We went to a pub the first night ironically named The Cambridge for our first legal drinks! The second day was mostly orientation type seminars on safety, English politics, student services and individual college meetings. Then they took us to see a play on the West End called The Woman in Black (coming soon to a theatre near you) that was a horror play.  And they definitely accomplished the horror! I kept jumping, screaming, and grabbing Dorothy’s leg, but it was fantastic acting and totally worth it.  Though afterwards, we needed to settle down out of our terror by going to a bar and a club ;).  Yesterday was my last day in London, and we mostly had free time to explore the city (which we did for a very very long time).  I tried Indian food for the first time and loved it! Unfortunately, Sam and I left this morning for Oxford and the others won’t follow us until Tuesday.

I’m already in love with Oxford.  My room is a single that overlooks the entire street in front of our building and looks like something straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

Bed and desk

Bed and mirror

Sink and Dressers

The bay window that overlooks the street and a boarding school

Sam and I explored High Street after unpacking and plan on going again tomorrow because we need linens and towels. We did see an amazing street performer on Cornmarket Street. Then we had dinner with the other visiting students as we are called and hung out in the college pub where I met my first other British students.

Well that’s the basic update! It’s crazy and beautiful and apparently I mispronounce the word zebra but I’m having a blast.


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