Karmic Essay Slap

It appears that I may have spoken too soon about how I was fortunate to finish my first essay in a matter of hours, because I have spent more time doing the readings and trying to understand my minor tutorial’s first essay, and all I have to show for it is a sparse, mildly pathetic outline. To be fair, I am still pretty sick (now onto the highly attractive runny nose phase of my cold) and this is neuroscience. But with a third essay being assigned most likely tomorrow, I would like for this one to no longer be weighing on my mind. I’d ask any of you who read this blog for help on it, but I don’t think I actually know any experts in commissurotomy research on right-handed epileptic patients (yes, I am being 100% serious on that being my essay topic). At least with my other essay, Kelsi could help me because she is in my tutorial as well; here I am on my own. ¬†Hopefully I can have some brain waves of genius and a functioning computer for the rest of the week and can bust out this paper over the weekend. Once my outline is filled in and I have all the research read and in one easy to access place–meaning not only online since the internet tweaks like mad here–the actual writing will probably go quickly.

Though that is most likely wishful thinking at this point.

So any experts in current commissurotomy research on right-handed epileptic patients out there?


One thought on “Karmic Essay Slap

  1. Jenna,
    Try a pint of Stout in the local’s, ( note not locals Pub). At least that’s what I would do. Maybe add a chunk of black bread and farmers cheese.
    Being your uncle I will keep me opinions to myself for a little while for your safety only.
    But beware.
    Have fun first of all.

    Love you, Scott

    P.S. Peggy sends her support
    P.S.S. Commissurotomy research on right-handed epileptic patients are democrats

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