If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour

Yesterday started out a bit brisk and chilly, but considering England is known for fog, especially in London (random Starbucks shout-out to the old London Fog drink!), the sun being out still classified the morning as beautiful. And it really is beautiful to see the sun glinting off the yellow Cotswold stone and spires of old buildings. You become so struck by the beauty that you nearly forget that a gigantic red bus just zoomed past you barely a food away and that you are about to be run over by a herd of cyclists (I really need to get a bike).

Alas, good things always pass in life, and the sunshine in England is no exception.

Around 4 pm, as I was beginning my trek back to the Experimental Psychology building for an interview for a research position (which I got by the way 🙂 ) the sky decided to drop a few buckets of water on my poor head. I have been intelligent at least and had an umbrella stashed in my bag, but I was wearing jeans and Converse shoes which together delivered me at my meeting looking like a drowned rat who can’t afford to buy jeans in her size.  Add that appearance to my coughing up a few organs as discretely as I could, and it is amazing that I still was offered a position. It’s strictly volunteer of course, but money really was never my aim in applying for it. I’ll be studying threat perception in adolescent boys and if it has any correlation with their levels of anxiety and depression.

Luckily the school I’ll be researching at is directly across from my residence (Isis House in case I never mentioned that) so I won’t be drowned on my way to my research, just going everywhere else!

Oh and by the time I was out of my interview 30 minutes later, the sun was shining once again.


One thought on “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour

  1. According to the show “Mad Men” London doesn’t really get a lot of fog so it’s a mystery as to why the London Fog brand of coats is named that. But I do miss ordering a “London Fog”

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