Online Reality Check

Today is a day where I want nothing more than to be at home in LA, curled up on the couch with my family and my Brinkley, and have them all tell me that everything is going to be okay. Today wasn’t exactly a bad day in itself, it was just a culmination of a lot of not too great things going on coming to a head with some other events in really bad timing and triggering a massive bout of homesickness. ¬†Unfortunately as of this moment, Mommy hasn’t gotten my email saying to call me so I actually have to sit with my feelings (and most of us know how much I hate doing that!).

Wow I could not have been more vague in that paragraph. Sorry about that, but vague is all you are going to get! Unless your name is Patti or Barry and you happen to call me…right now…

Switching gears away from the temporary pity party and back to the adventures in Oxford. Yesterday was my first official rehearsal as a member of the Oxford University Beginners Ballroom Team! We rehearse about 12 hours a week (knowing me, I’ll be doing private lessons and therefore a lot more time) in random big halls across the city. I’ve had to walk 45 minutes each direction and also 5 minutes. Our 3-hour rehearsal was all in Latin dancing. One whole hour of basic warmup Cha-Cha steps and hip actions, then another hour of warmup steps for Jive in increasing levels of speed beginning at slow and ending at a six minute PSYCHEDELIC speed when I literally danced right out of my shoe and had to do half of the dance in one heel and one bare foot. The last hour was a scary lecture about how high their expectations are for us and then 30 minutes of working on our “Lock Steps” down the room.

Exhausting, but oh so much fun. I’m even looking forward to our next rehearsal at 8:30 tomorrow morning (in fact, it’s the only reason I’m still going right now). Our Latin coach even said that I was one of the best dancers on beginners team and that with a few private lessons and some hard work I could–direct quote–“Be the sexiest thing in Oxford and win all the competitions”. And yes, I’ll be holding him to it. I’m not going to work this hard for nothing! But really, I can already tell that I’m going to love the team and that being a part of it is going to make my Oxford time amazing. As long as I can get a few weekends off…specifically in two weeks so that I can go to Paris!


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