Refrigerator Love

Seriously, I am so thankful that I sucked it up and bought my own fridge. It may seem a little weird to post about an appliance, but it has really been such a great investment. Last night my essay for Friday was finally assigned, and now after complaining to Mom about how it was a horrible topic and that this essay was going to be the worst I’ve ever written, I find myself struggling with my outline. Not because it’s terrible, but because it is now over 3 typed pages and I still have about four articles and two books to read through which means more information to squeeze into 1500 words. This may be a paper that goes over the word limit. I might be sending an email off to my tutor asking for a physical extension.

Back to the appliance.

With all this reading to do and a seminar at 4:30 then Ballroom rehearsal tonight, I knew there was no way that I could afford to leave Isis for the hour to go grab breakfast…or lunch…or dinner. But thanks to my refrigerator, I have been able to have some pretty yummy meals for the low cost of absolutely nothing since I already paid for the groceries and I got to be productive! Who knows? Maybe I’ll get even luckier and pull an all nighter and finish my essay tonight! Oops, now Mom and Dad are going to send me an email warning me not to do that haha.

Off to a seminar!


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