Need $ for More Productivity

Ah if only it were that easy. Just fork out some cash and suddenly become productive! Alas it’s not really possible to do that unless you know a drug dealer willing to sell you Ritalin, and I’m not really for adding stimulants to my pill-popping regime, so I have to deal with being unproductive and exhausted today I think.

Technically I guess I can afford to take a day easy in the middle of the week, even if I do have two essays due next week and one is about amnesia (unfortunately that doesn’t allow me the excuse of “sorry, I kept forgetting all the material”) and requires a lot of reading. And yes, I suppose it isn’t really taking a day off because I already had a 2 hour dance rehearsal and I have another 3 hour one tonight, but I still would have liked to actually make progress on a paper today instead of literally falling asleep every five minutes.

Teddy Hall Library/original church built in the 1200s

Maybe I should be writing my paper on narcolepsy.

I feel a teensy bit guilty though for not working every day during the week when I know that I’m taking a day off on the weekend (Sunday trip to the Cotswolds!) but then again what’s the point of doing a bunch of reading now only to not retain it and having to reread it all again later? I guess my brain just needs a rest after yesterday’s ultra productive day. Tea and a history book time is it then.

Question: Is there anywhere someone specifically wants to hear about in England? I’m willing to take on the responsibility of visiting somewhere so people can live vicariously through me šŸ˜‰


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