Amputation by Dance Heel

Considering how polite the British are, when you put a bunch of beginner ballroom dancers on a small basketball court and teach them a basic quickstep, it is shocking how all that etiquette doesn’t just go out the window, but can get very dangerous. As I learned the hard way this morning when I became the first casualty of the Oxford University Beginner’s Ballroom Dance Team.

Most people won’t really be surprised given how accident prone I am, but I swear this one was not my fault. Eusebio did a great job of teaching me dance floor politeness and that the number one rule was watch where you’re going. That hasn’t really been taught here, unfortunately for me because a beginner couple literally slammed into me while doing their quickstep and injured my toe. And I understand that they are beginners and we were all cramped and that it was an accident and not an attempt at sabotage, but they could’ve at least said sorry and asked if I was okay. Which they didn’t.

So then I was left to hobble off the dance floor up to the locker room with a toe nail crushed and dripping blood (sorry if that’s considered a little graphic). Thankfully I got my brand new latin shoes off before the blood got on them, and then one of the main team girls was very nice and ran to get me some toilet paper to wrap my toe up in so that I didn’t leave a trail of blood behind for Hansel and Gretel to follow me from. And one of the people who help Bruce out came over and helped me get to the locker room and then grabbed first aid stuff while I rinsed off my foot in the sink (hurt like heck!!). All in all, I only missed about fifteen minutes of rehearsal before Hugh and I had me bandaged back up, back into my Latin shoes, and back to practicing that darn quickstep.

Mark of a veteran dancer, we are masochistic  stubborn people who just–to borrow a British phrase–“keep calm and carry on” even with bleeding toe that will probably be missing a nail when I undo the bandages tonight. And it won’t stop me from walking around the Cotswolds tomorrow, or to the Eagle and Child tonight.

At least I didn’t spring for a pedicure yesterday!


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