The Day of One Syllable

I don’t know what it is, and I’m not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but every Sunday so far, I have been blessed with perfect weather for traveling. This Sunday’s excursion was to the adorably quaint region of the Cotswolds, specifically Moreton-in-Marsh (chosen solely because that is where the only train station in the Cotswolds happens to be). It started with six people in the planning stages, but dwindled down to only Kelsi, Jordan, and myself (told you girls that there would be a blog shout out!) which it turns out was the perfect combination for the girliest day we have had so far.

The day began like any other travel day with us all making our respective breakfasts and meeting outside Dawson Street–slight detour to knock on Kelsi’s window and make sure she was awake; she was–before walking over to the Oxford Rail Station. It was definitely a gray morning, so we were glad we brought our umbrellas because that guaranteed that there would be no rain on our walks. On the half hour train ride we gasped at the beautiful autumn countryside and began to plan next weekend’s Sunday excursion (no sneak preview this week, it’s going to be a surprise). What can we say? We like to plan ahead.

Kelsi on the train to Moreton-in-Marsh

Jordan and I riding backwards

The actual tiny town of Moreton-in-Marsh is as cute as expected. Built entirely from Cotswold stone, it looks exactly as it would have during the Middle Ages and subsequent eras apart from the surprisingly expensive cars driving through it. We strolled down its High Street, wandering into little antique shops and tea houses searching for the best place to get our now traditional cream tea. There was a little sweet shop, an anticlimactic bookstore, and a cheese shop where we all bought strawberry-champagne jam, and individually bought fig and apple jam (Kelsi) and lemon curd (me, duh) and banana curd (again, me, shocking I know). Tomorrow will have a taste test of a few jams so I’ll let you know how they all are. Most of the shops were actually closed, but it is a Sunday and in a little town to be expected.

Kelsi looking at recipe books in the bookstore

We ate lunch at this little cafe called Mrs. T Potts’ Tea Shop (as in Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast! Disney nerd inside is happy). There we had the best sweet potato and cheese soup and the best warmed white bread I have ever tasted. SOOOO GOOD. Sorry, enough gushing about the cute lunch place.

Speaking of gushing, the majority of our conversations in the Cotswolds started with or were interrupted by multiple sighs of “awwwww”. Cute child or baby? Awwwww. Little store of trinkets? Awwwww. Old couple walking down the street holding hands and walkers? Awwwww. Gardens? Awwwww. Flock of sheep? Awwwww. Cottages all with names like “Angel Cottage”, “Little Cottage” and perfectly decorated kitchens? Awwwww.

After lunch, we walked 2 miles down a one-lane country road, next to fields of crops, for grazing, and just meadows, towards the 90 person village of Bourton-on-the-Hill, not to be confused with Bourton-on-the-Water.


There is really nothing to do there but walk uphill on its one street towards the church and cemetery, but being girls let loose in the Cotswolds, we gushed over its beauty and imagined what life would be like if we lived there.

The Horse and Groom Public House

I decided to get married in that church, just have to find a duke to marry now! Then we walked back for our cream tea at Tilly’s Tea House.

Best cream tea so far. The scones were warm, the jam not too sweet, and the clotted cream a step closer to what we are searching for and away from unsalted whipped butter. We tried this hot milk drink (hot milk, honey, and nutmeg), which was too sweet on its own but was delicious in tea. After that, it was 4 pm, everything was closing that had actually been open, so we caught the 5:12 train back to Oxford. At the train station, this two-year-old girl became instantly attached to us, much to the chagrin of her father (wow, can you tell that I’m taking a break from writing my essay right now with all of my high class vocabulary?) who tried to walk to a different bench but was forced to stay as she started crying and she sat down on the bench in between all of us.

We grabbed dinner in Oxford at the very gourmet Fire and Stone Pizza, then trudged back to our rooms once again completely exhausted but perfectly happy with our wonderful day and giddy for next week as the traveling and search for the best cream tea and umpteenth jar of lemon curd continues! Thanks girls for an awesome day!

P.S. still cannot figure out what a hashtag is #whitegirlproblems haha


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