First Jam Taste Test Results

A few of you have been asking for the results of our jam/preserve/curd taste test yesterday afternoon, so I will oblige 😉 Everything was tasted on a piece of really good whole wheat bread.

1. Cotswold Cheese Company Banana Curd: Sweet like a really ripe banana, with an unexpected tangy aftertaste. Made anything we tried it on taste like good banana bread. Definitely would be good on toast or scones. Kelsi suggested oatmeal, but I’ll stick to fresh bananas for that.

2. Frances’s mom’s Raspberry and Tayberry Jam: My next door neighbor had her mom make us jam from her garden! So sweet of her ❤ oh, and the jam was DELICIOUS! The best way to describe it is if raspberries taste red and blueberries taste blue then tayberries taste purple. Seriously. Good for PB&Js and in cottage cheese.

3. Blenheim Palace Blackcurrant with Sloe Gin jam: Like rich dark blackberries with a slight boozy kick. Definitely one of my favorites (evidenced by the fact that I mix it in with my cottage cheese all the time). Has chunks of blackcurrants in it. Obviously made for cottage cheese, but also pretty good on sandwiches, though the peanut butter kind of masks the gin flavor.

4. Oxford Lemon Curd: Pretty good, but not as good as McLaren’s (seriously anyone in Santa Clarita, go to the COC Farmer’s Market on Sundays and go to McLaren’s…best lemon curd I’ve ever had still).

5. Cotswold Cheese Company Fig and Apple Preserves: So seasonal and so yummy. Medium fig flavor with a distinct apple cider combination. Felt like we were eating autumn. Our best idea for using it was on baked apples or pears. Definitely will be trying that one soon.

6. Cotswold Cheese Company Strawberry and Champagne Jam: Surprisingly not a really strong champagne flavor. But still loved it. The champagne mostly seemed to bring out a stronger flavor in the strawberries without making it overly sweet. Another good cottage cheese mix-in or toast/scone topper. Mmmm, would be really good on scones with clotted cream 😉

7. Blenheim Palace Raspberry Jam: My least favorite out of all of them, but still good. It was a little too ordinary for me, but what did I expect after flavors like Strawberry and Champange and Raspberry and Tayberry. A solid choice for a PB&J according the Kelsi who has been using it for PB&J crackers.

Jams etc used in first taste test

Well there you go! We seem to buy a lot of jams and curds everywhere we go so another taste test will probably happen in a few weeks once we’ve made it through this batch of spreads.


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