Return from the Land of the Hermit

Rough week. I’m seriously so exhausted that even thinking about something other than sleeping tires me out (which is not a good thing since I’m about to go shopping with Jordan and then tomorrow is our surprise day trip). So here has been the low down this week:

Ballroom dancing is getting intense! We have our first competition in 2 weeks from tomorrow and both Bruce and Neil think that my couple has a good shot at doing well. My partner’s name is Dan, he goes to Keble College, he’s a DPhil student, he’s really dedicated and nice, and he is from…Washington, DC. Yup. They decided to contain the Americans by putting us together! But honestly, I am so happy with Dan as my partner 🙂 It makes the 9-10:30 pm and the 8:30-11 am rehearsals not excruciating.

I had to pull an all-nighter and stayed awake for 42 straight hours in order to finish my essay for yesterday’s tutorial. No, I did not procrastinate, my tutor didn’t assign it until Wednesday. Needless to say I was exhausted and really emotionally fragile so thanks to Mom, Dad, and Kevin for cheering me up at 4:30 am. You guys are the best. And the essay got finished, not my best work, but I already have next week’s assignment so I can redeem myself then.

Basically between the 72 hours with only 5 hours of sleep mixed in and the obscene amounts of ballroom dancing practices, I am giving myself the weekend off (though I probably will do a bit of reading for my essay). Just rest assured, I got plenty of sleep last night


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