Fire Alarm Orientation Idiocy

Let me know if this seems ridiculous to anyone else (not you Brits though, anything with alcohol seems to make sense to you haha).

Tonight at Isis House we are having a fire alarm orientation, basically teaching us how to pull a fire alarm I think. Though it did mention a panel so maybe it’s more of if we hear the fire alarm go off but we know that it isn’t a fire how to turn the fire alarm off…either way I really don’t care, I have a Skype meeting so I won’t be there. But the incentive the Isis dean is offering to encourage us to attend is beer.

Really? Beer? You are going to give us a fire safety talk while we are all drunk?

Does that seem safe? Or intelligent? Or wise? Or just plain stupid? I know she wants us all to attend, but again…fire…alcohol…doesn’t sound like a good combination.


2 thoughts on “Fire Alarm Orientation Idiocy

  1. Good thing you aren’t going. Remember you and fire alarms? So where are you going this Sunday? I love reading about your adventures.

    • me and fire alarms? what did I do? Ohhhh right…kindergarten…through 3rd grade. I’m actually not sure where we are going; Jordan planned this one! Since we all have two essays this week though it’s only going to be a half-day trip.

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