If Only

If only every tutorial could go that well! My essay topic was about the genetic and environmental influences on the onset of schizophrenia, and it was–all modesty intended I swear–one of the best essays I’ve written. I think it was because I loved my topic and didn’t stress out about the fact that I went 500 words over the limit. If I had followed the 150 words there would have been no way to do the essay justice. Kelsi called it “lean” which I think is a good description of it, so thanks!

But anyways, my tutor loved it, Kelsi loved it, I loved it, and most important, I was proud of it and had a blast researching and writing it. I’m excited for next week’s essay too because we kind of picked our own topics so I am writing on the onset and potential early intervention treatments for antisocial personality disorder. I’m going to find a way to stop those serial killers!

Good academic week, I’d say. Now off to get ready for a crew date, meaning a night of lamenting the abuse I put my feet through by forcing them into heels so often.



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