I Sconse Anyone and Everyone

Last night was my very first Oxford crew date! Since no one is going to know what a crew date is, for those of you in college it’s like a frat date party. For those of you not in college, it’s basically when a men’s sports team invites out a women’s sports team for dinner and a night of drunken shenanigans, usually at a club. It’s a pretty common thing, and the guys we went with as a Ballroom Dance Team literally only formed a rowing boat in order to get away with holding crew dates. Lucky for us at least because it was a blast.

We started the night at the Keble College MCR (Middle Common Room, aka the graduate students’ common room) for cocktails and munchies. It was that awkward part of the night when you keep forgetting everyone’s name because you meet so many people at one time. I still don’t remember a lot of their names, only a few guys that I was hanging out with and all but one or two of the girls. Next we went to this Indian restaurant called Jamal’s that is basically meant only for renting out for crew dates so they serve terrible food (which wasn’t as bad as everyone prepared me for) at inflated prices, but allow everyone to get smashed and rowdy and bring their own alcohol.

During dinner, people mostly get drunk from this game called “Sconsing” which is basically a drinking version of “Never Have I Ever”. I now know more about some of the people on the ballroom team than I ever wanted to! Some of the sconses were pretty tame, most increased in raunchiness as the night moved on, but at least with most of the tame ones all I was doing was staying hydrated! No alcohol for me last night at Jamal’s. It would take more than one blog post to tell all the funny stories from last night, and I won’t break the Crew Date Code (which I don’t know if it actually exists, but I’m initiating one in my case): most of what happens on the crew date, stays on the crew date. For the safety of my fellow dancers of course.

After Jamal’s we went to Wahoo, a club on the other side of the river in Oxford. I haven’t really been out since Freshers Week, but I had so much fun! I almost got kicked out when Ania and I danced on a table, but we apologized profusely, were not belligerent, and the security guy let us off with a warning. ADVANTAGE OF BEING A GIRL, part Two. See? I knew another one would come up eventually. As the night went on, we slowly lost people until I have no idea where any of them ended up, but I got home safely, escorted by one of the guys for any family members reading this worried about my walking home at 1:30 am from a club on the opposite side of town. I was in bed, asleep at 3:30, just four hours away from my wakeup call this morning for rehearsal.

But it was all worth it 🙂 Bring on the next crew date!


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