Still have no idea how to pronounce it, which is going to be a problem in two days when I read my essay out loud to my tutor. And considering every other week I feel like I’m doing something to make a bad first impression worse, I’d better practice.

I should have picked a different disorder.

But anyways, because it’s a two essay week, I never posted about the rest of my weekend. I know you have all been waiting literally on the edge of your seats to find out where we traveled to this time…and you’ll have to wait a little longer (gotta love the cliff-hangers!) because Saturday night was a ball.

Seriously, a ball. Not in the colloquial “it was fun” type of ball, but a supposedly true black tie ball thrown by the ballroom dance team. Okay in all honesty, it looked like AOC’s senior dance (aww flashback to getting Cody to slow dance). Apparently everyone here would have called it a school “disco” but I won’t because then I’ll just start thinking about all the terrible music that came out of the disco era. Shiver. But as much as I honestly don’t think that it was worth 25 pounds, I had a good time dancing with my partner, other guys from main team, a few girls (who thank goodness knew how to lead because I certainly don’t, Eusebio taught me too well), and just generally hanging out with my friends on the Beginners team. And I realized that we may need to help a few of them on their JIVE (you know exactly which person you are!). It did make me want to fork out the money for a real ball experience though. HopefullyTeddy Hall is throwing a ball this year.

Onto the traditional Sunday travel day! We decided to get a later start, so we took over the Dawson Street kitchen and made oatmeal pancakes and eggs and had a lovely breakfast, despite the pancake fiasco that in hindsight made no difference. Let’s just say it’s a lot different making pancakes in a frying pan than on a griddle! The rest of our day was pretty much our standard: a pack lunch, random rooms in random buildings where we learned a lot about nothing we will ever really need to know like some history and stuff, then walked down the High Street to this cafe called the Rose for our cream tea. Kelsi and Jordan thought that it was the best cream tea yet, but I kind of differ. I think the scones tasted the best and the clotted cream was what we have been looking for, but I like the atmosphere of the older tea shops, the ones that have a sort of character to them. But I really enjoyed it. Then we went to the Miller Building for some more learning and just hanging out talking before going to a french restaurant, where I actually…wait for it…tried escargot! And didn’t vomit!

No in all truth, the restaurant was AMAZING and such a great ending to the day. It was like a vacation in our own home because…we ended up not leaving Oxford. We all have two essays due this week so we decided to stay back, but we weren’t going to give up our cream tea hunt 😉 And it ended up being a good thing because I made a lot of progress on my prosopagnosiewhatsitcalled essay. Two more days to say that right.


4 thoughts on “Pro-soap-ag-no-shah

  1. Interesting eating snails!!! We, here, in the civilized world, try to kill them in our gardens, step on them when we can and the french just want to eat them. Makes you wonder don’t it?
    Seems you’re learning more than just school. Have you found that “locals” pub that fits you?
    Have a STOUT or PORTER for me.

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