Half a Day on a Plane

Longest. Flight. Ever.

Seriously, 12 hours of sitting on a plane in front of two screaming children whose parents were incapable of hearing their blasting music or of controlling them in the slightest. I’d say thank goodness for sleeping pills, but those only worked for five hours so I still had to spend seven cringing at the family behind me. Luckily I maintained my calm or else instead of my parents meeting me outside of customs, it would’ve been the police.

Yes, my wonderful parents met me as soon as I left customs with a bouquet of beautiful roses. It was like a scene straight out of Love Actually, with the huge smiles, rushing over with heavy bags on my shoulders, dropping them immediately at their feet, and smothering them in a huge bear hug. Oddly enough, after that initial meeting, it felt like I had never left, that two and a half months in a foreign country never happened. The only proof I had that it did was the crick in my back from the plane and nearly getting run over by cars as I looked the wrong way before crossing the street.

We grabbed a snack at Lazy Dog Cafe with Deanna partially because we love her, and partially because I needed to stay awake until at least midnight to ensure that jet lag wouldn’t set in (and it hasn’t so far, been going to sleep and waking up at pretty normal hours). The best part though was coming home to my Brinkley. He didn’t really understand at first; I don’t think he knew that I was really there. He was running back and forth between me and Deanna, before finally coming to terms with the fact that yes, his Jenna was actually finally home, and he attacked me with the dog version of hugs and kisses. Totally worth coming home for.

Good to be home with my family and my dog 🙂


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