Installation Dinner, aka Rave at the TPC

I think Deanna and I made history last night by starting a huge dance party/mature adult version of a rave at the SCV Business Group’s Installation Dinner. Somehow every social I attend for the networking group ends up in a dance party. Oops.

My first morning back home was spent exactly as my mornings at home used to be spent before I left: Starbucks with the mommy then errands, errands, manicures, and more errands. Okay, so the manicures and pedicure in my case are not really normal occurrences, but after seven weeks of dancing completely destroyed my feet, they were in desperate need of some professional care. And they look pretty 😉

I got dressed at Deanna’s since Mom had to deliver gifts to Dad at the TPC and then we joined them at the country club. Deanna and I were immediately put to work selling raffle tickets, and let’s just say that–shocker–not a single person said no to us when we asked them to buy tickets. Okay so the 50/50 raffle may have had some draw, but I prefer to think that Deanna and I just have amazing powers of persuasion.

It was a little bizarre to be at a formal three course meal where we didn’t stand up as a high table walked in, no one banged a gavel to make us jump six feet in the air, and no phrase in Latin was said before we could eat. Formal Halls back in Oxford seem so much more ritualistic compared to a Santa Clarita formal function. Then again, there wouldn’t have been a dance party to close out a Teddy Hall formal dinner either.

My dad, as President, gave out the gifts and thank yous in a very long and very funny speech. I love how he can make an event that has the potential to be more boring than March of the Penguins a veritable comedy show. Everyone was laughing and smiling as he worked the room. Then when I went up to announce the raffle winner, everyone just smiled at each other and said “Yep, she’s just like her dad.” I could think of way worse people to be compared to that my dad so thanks everyone!

All in all, it was a pretty fun night, especially considering that I had gotten off the plane about 24 hours earlier. Hopefully the lack of jet lag continues and I can continue to spend my days having fun instead of sleeping at awkward times.

Benedictos benedita…or whatever our Principal says in Latin.


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