Just because I’m home as in at my house in Santa Clarita, that doesn’t mean that I cannot be homesick. It’s a Sunday, which would normally mean that Jordan, Kelsi, and I would be traveling somewhere in England and getting cream tea or we would be living in our respective libraries and rooms and then getting cream tea. The obvious solution would be to go to the Tea Garden and get cream tea, and while that sounds lovely, it doesn’t quite feel the same. I love spending this time with my family and my cutest-in-the-whole-wide-world dog, but I have a confession.

I miss England. There! I admitted it! I miss the people, the dancing, the studying, even writing the essays. I miss queueing in the freezing cold for Formal Hall (okay I don’t miss the cold part of that) and the way the sun glints off the stones on my way to the library. I miss how easy transportation is (walking > driving). I really miss my friends though, the British ones and the American ones who are now scattered across the country, or world in a few of their cases. Sigh. I can’t help being struck with melancholy and resorting to baking to feel like I’m back in England…though I never baked in England so I really have no idea how that correlates.

Two and a half weeks to go before I return to my second home.


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