A Fortnight in SCV

Hmm…how many posts have I missed in the last two weeks? No idea, but hopefully this can reassure everyone that, yes, I’m alive and kicking in my hometown still. Ok yeah probably no one was really worried about that, but just in case that one random person was freaking out because I haven’t updated anyone in two weeks can now rest easy.

It has been one of the most insane winter breaks I think I have ever had. I can’t think of a single day where I haven’t been running around like a headless chicken with errands. Literally two weeks worth of errands! I was more relaxed during term at Oxford! I have gotten in a little bit of socializing though. I saw my dear friend Amy for an awesome and long catch-up session over dinner (with my favorite waiter at BJs!!!), took my not-so-much-a-baby-anymore baby cousin to see Arthur Christmas, went to afternoon tea that really can’t compare to England’s teas, and had fun last night at my dad’s office’s Christmas dinner. But other than maybe those four things, my days have been filled with Christmas shopping, Christmas baking, Christmas wrapping, Christmas decorating, Christmas cards, and Christmas stressing.

Hard at work on those millions of batches!

Brinkley gets in on the action

Now I know what it feels like to be a mom during the holidays. Though I will say, based on the general response to my obscene amount of cookie batches that I’ve baked, I’m going to be a great housewife someday haha. As long as I get my career too 😉

But seriously, I make some damn good cookies.

Christmas cookie samplers for Christmas presents this year! That was a lot of baking


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