Kevin Comes to England!!!

I’m back in Oxford!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to be back, despite arriving to rain and cold. I think that the last few weeks of 75 degree heat and perpetual sunshine cancelled out any adjustment my internal body temperature regulator had made over the last few months in England. So I’m FREEZING! And wet. But I’m so giddy to be back and busy playing tour guide to my brother that it doesn’t matter…too much.

The ten hour flight was full of turbulence and completely lacking in even a cat nap, but at least there were no screaming children or obnoxiously smelling people sitting around us. Air New Zealand actually had a pretty decent selection of movies and television shows to keep us entertained while we were stuck awake. Considering the length of the flight, it wasn’t that bad at all.

After arriving in Oxford and practically skipping to my apartment because I was so anxious to get there (read: drop my heavy duffle bag and unpack), I took Kevin on a tour of my adorably old college and the general City Centre, including all the Harry Potter stuff at Christ’s Church and went to the top of St. Michaels Tower, the oldest building in Oxford. For less than £2, we got this incredible, secluded view of the top of the entire city, literally breath-taking. I can’t believe that I’ve lived here for nearly three months and had never gone up the tower. The rain and exhaustion (curse you lack of sleep!) drove us back to my place for an early nap and prevented us from walking to the Eagle and Child for dinner. Instead we exchanged one pub for another and went to the Angel and Greyhound closer to my place and will push E&C until another night.

At Christ Church, standing in front of portraits of Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, and Cardinal Wolsey

View from top of St. Michael's Tower

That’s the basics of our first 24 hours of vacation. I apologize for it not being very informative, creative, entertaining, insert other self-decprecating adjectives, but we are absolutely exhausted and have an early morning ahead of us, so I will beg off with a simple good-night and good-bye to California for the next 6 months 🙂


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