I have started another blog! (This is what happens when you have a week with nothing to do for the first time in…years?) It’s completely unrelated to Oxford and I highly doubt that anyone other than my mom will read it, and probably only because she loves me, but I started it and am looking forward to writing on it as well. It’s called Reading Between the Pages and is a book review blog. Pretty much if I read it all the way through (as I do most books) I’ll post a review about it on my new site. It isn’t geared towards one particular genre; I’m an equal opportunist reader. So there will be fiction, nonfiction, academic, history, guidebooks, basically anything I get my reading hands on.

At least you can fake being excited haha. Though I guess with all the blog posts today you are all a little sick of seeing my name pop up on your Facebook feeds. Sorry! I’ll put down my keyboard for the night I promise.

But check out for my first review on We Need to Talk About Kevin, a novel by Lionel Shriner. And if you like what you read, subscribe!

Goodnight xoxo


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