Let it Snow!!!

It’s snowing in Oxford right now! Of course I am sitting snuggly and warm at my window, watching it progressively fall harder, so I am not actually out in it but get to enjoy its beauty from the comfort of my own room.


I should make some tea. Tea seems like the appropriate thing to drink when it’s snowing right?

I know that everyone else will probably be complaining about the snow for days because I’m sure that it can be a nuisance, but I’m a Southern California girl who has really never seen snow, so to me it is still practically the 8th wonder of the world. And oddly enough, snow means that the next day or so will be warmer than it has been (apparently it can be too cold to snow?). So I’m going to continue being the giddy little girl I am at heart and hold onto that as long as possible rather than become the jaded anti-snow fuddy-duddy.

Plus I just watched two older men Squeegee their windshields which was pretty funny.

Also totally just stuck my head out my window to catch snowflakes on my tongue 🙂


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