Kelsi spiked our food!

Not really, but she may as well have since the four of us giggled more today after dinner than we ever had. And it wasn’t even like one of us had some sense still in us, we all were just crazy people. But completely mellow crazy people. Kelsi and Janosz told us that this is what we would be like if we were high, so I guess we would all end up asleep in Kelsi’s room cuddling with Janosz. Worse things could happen to us.

We continued our weekend binge on each others company with yet another brunch and dinner party day. Ironically, both meals involved leftovers from yesterday. Buckwheat pancakes and eggs for lunch, osso buco (or in my case osso bucco sauce over a chicken breast) with leftover goat cheese risotto for dinner. And then the best chocolate fudge balls from this site called Chocolate Covered Katie and dessert wine for dessert. Janosz pretty much went into a food coma/wine daze, which may be how we ended up all cuddling with him and not wanting to move. My friends are just soooo cozy.

Today wasn’t all about food though. It’s a two essay week AND the Southern championships for ballroom this weekend so I wrote one of my papers today, and it’s going to be an interesting tutorial to say the least. Basically my essay is supposed to be on prosocial behavior and whether it is motivated by altruism or egoism, and I say that it is entirely egoism but not from a social psychology perspective. I say instead that the strongest argument comes from biology and natural selection, essentially Darwinism. Yeah I know I’ve probably bored most of you, but remember that this is a SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY course and I just wrote a paper kind of saying that the social psychology explanation is useless. Oops. Hopefully she stills likes it!

Overall it was kind of a great weekend. Fun but productive and put me in a great spot to start the week off right 🙂

Sneak peak of the week ahead…wine tasting, shopping, two tutorials, lots of dance rehearsals, SUDC, a musical…and who knows what else is in store!


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