Wine, Champagne, and Chocolate

That’s one trio to beat the 5th week blues. I really cannot believe that I am in my fifth week of my second term! Technically this means I’m halfway done, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it with another essay always right around the corner. Though this does mean three weeks til Mommy comes 🙂

Last night Kelsi and Janosz took me to a Wine Circle wine tasting. I’ve never gotten to go to one of the tastings because I’m usually in Latin rehearsal, but as this was a Monday I was free. The wines were all from Schloss Grossburg vineyard in Austria. Almost all of the wines were white wines or rieslings, and I’m not really a huge fan of the lighter wines (totally a red wine girl myself) but it wasn’t so much about liking the taste of the wine as learning about discerning it. And as much as the presenter talked way too much, I enjoyed hearing about the history of Austrian winemaking and this vineyard in particular.

It is such a different language to wine. There’s the level of maturity (did you know wines go through puberty?), the different scents, is it heavy or light, weighty or thin, consistent throughout, drops out in the middle (yeah Kelsi!), acidity, oakiness, balance, your head literally spins with all these different dimensions by which to evaluate each sip. Of course, being a newbie, I listened more than spoke, but was able to identify the scent of passionfruit in one of the wines, and medium roast coffee and cloves in the only red.

For the longest time, I kept thinking that everything smelled faintly of raspberry and almost waxy, then I realized that it was my chapstick. Not wearing chapstick to one of these things again! But the highlight of the night was the Eiswein dessert wine that was so good I can’t even describe it. Totally worth sitting through a white wine tasting just for that. Can’t wait to go to another one!

Today was obviously Valentine’s Day and it really didn’t phase me at all, so it was basically the same as any other Tuesday except for that I skipped lecture. Then there was a quick meeting with the Dancesport board to work out some kinks for IVDA (and our captain gave me the prettiest roses, awwwww ❤ ) before a ballroom rehearsal with Partner. The night ended with pink champagne and chocolate with Janosz, Kelsi, and Jordan to celebrate…well, us, duh. We’ve been on a friends-turned-into-family-love-fest kick lately. So champagne and chocolates is the best way to celebrate!


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