Happy Friends’ Day

Yesterday was a day entirely devoted to hanging out with friends. It wasn’t intentional either, not like how some girls decide to do an anti-Valentine’s Day thing and tout the whole “we’d so much rather hang with our girls today!”, though in all honesty the Valentine’s Days that I’ve done that have been the most fun. This just happened to work out nicely where I had the perfect mixture of being productive and being social. Ah if only every day could be so balanced.

I had lunch with my friend from orientation wayyyyyy back in September who thankfully extended her one term stay to the whole year. She is also the person who got me hooked on the dirt chai’s from The Missing Bean so Chaizi must absolutely love her! In honor of that momentous achievement on her part, but really driven by our need for caffeine, we met for lunch at the Bean, snagging a coveted table as soon as we walked in.

Accomplishment #1!

We haven’t seen each other since term began so it was awesome to catch up and fill each other in on our respective sports and lives outside of academics and sweaty hobbies. The hour and fifteen minutes before she had to get back to work completely flew by, and all too soon we parted ways, promising to get together one more time before spring break. Unfortunately with our schedules once may be all the times we can squeeze in.

Rachel, Bizzy, Xin

The next item on the friend agenda was dinner out with some of the ballroom dance girls. We invited everyone, well all the girls, but only five of us could make it, which ended up being perfectly enjoyable because it was the group of girls I seem to hang out with the most. We went to Pizza Express for dinner and then to House for a cocktail (amazing raspberry collins! Damn you Bizzy for getting me addicted!) before running to GnD’s to say hi to two other friends from the team and then scattering on to the rest of our night. I love these girls, seriously always have a good time with them. And shockingly we don’t spend the whole time talking about dance, though yeah it is a prevalent topic, but with how much we do it that is entirely understandable. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with them more outside of Dancesport, which we are already making plans to do.

Me, Pippa

Partner has had a friend visiting him from France for the week, and she and I got on really well when we met on Saturday at the bop and since she was leaving today, I decided to trek to Dan’s place to hang out for another hour or so and say my goodbyes. We got into some really interesting conversations; she really is lovely. Just a genuine and fun person. Hopefully in Trinity term Dan and I can go visit her in Lyon. Any excuse to travel in my book!

So by the time I got home last night, I had definitely had a great share of time with friends yesterday, thus my christening it new holiday 🙂


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