Orange is the New Red

We all know from our years of painting color wheels in elementary school art classes that when you mix red and yellow, you make orange. But however logically I knew that, it didn’t make the trick that light was playing with my eyes on Saturday any easier to reconcile. You just don’t expect the yellow lights of a gym to be so drastic that they cause you to see everything that should be red as orange, or pink ballroom dresses suddenly become an odd shade of salmon/coral. It really messed with my brain all day.

Of course, having given no background information as to what I was doing in a gym on Saturday, I need to go back to the beginning I suppose. Saturday was the infamous SUDC, or Southern Universities’ Dancesport Championships, basically the regionals to IVDA’s nationals. We’ve been pretty much training for these two competitions the entire time we have been dancing. Yes we had earlier competitions, but no matter what we did at them the ficus was always “At SUDC and IVDA”. These are the big ones, and yeah it was big.

The competition was held in Bath, thankfully only an hour and a half away so we had the luxurious pickup time of 6:45 am. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep a wink that night so I didn’t get the benefit of the later time. So I was absolutely exhausted the entire competition day, and Dan’s foot was still injured, making our dancing even more pride-inducing. Because beside to what my over exaggerating mind felt were all the odds against us, we danced more consistently and better than we ever have. Our ballroom coach agreed too! Our waltz and quickstep were smooth and we were able to solidly pull off the hardest moves in our routines while maneuvering around a crowd of 32 Beginner couples (the competition was extremely poorly organized, for some reason combining the two middle heats of 16 couples into one idiotically large one of 32). And it was so much fun dancing the whole time. I mean we always have fun, but this one just felt different. I’m not sure why. But the way dancing felt completely negating that we only semifinaled in the two ballroom dances. The scores ended up not being important anymore.

Like I said, the competition was poorly organized, so we ended up not starting Latin until two hours later than we were supposed to. Latin always seems to go by faster than Ballroom for some reason, but oh my goodness some of the dances were LONG. We had a 2:30 Jive round, even though regulation is 1:30. I’m pretty sure every Beginner collapsed in exhaustion after that one. We did really well in the end, being the only Oxford beginner couple to semifinal in Jive (that one I was sad about, first time we haven’t finaled in Jive) and then placing 3rd in Cha Cha! We’ve been working so hard in Cha that placing the highest we ever have was such a validation of all our hard work. And since none of the Beginners were competing in the team match at this comp, it was also our last dance of the night so our feet had a bit of a rest. Well, not entirely true. Dan and I did dance in the last waltz of the night, but that was a hilarious failure–you try dancing waltz in Uggs and sweatpants!

It was our most consistent, and we both feel best, showing at a competition yet, the perfect segue into IVDA in a few weekends.

Of course, in typical post-competition fashion, I pretty much slept all day yesterday. I think I’m fighting off some illness because I can’t seem to talk or stay awake for longer than a few hours at a time. I try really hard but then I just pass out in a dead sleep. So I wasn’t able to help Jordan, Janosz, and Kelsi with the brunch and dinner traditional cooking, other than doing some chopping prep work I was relegated to entertainment and sitting still duty. But I will say that the food was delicious and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………………………..


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