Travel Bug

Sometimes maintaining a blog can be hard work. I mean it sounds all fun and games, but unfortunately it is the first thing to go by the wayside when the work starts piling up, even if the said pile-up is self-inflicted.

I realized the other day that I have been in Oxford for the entire term. I haven’t traveled, even around England, except for dance competitions and those definitely do not count. I found this to be quite tragic. Wasn’t the whole purpose in coming to Oxford, after the education of course, to travel the world and expose myself to new cultures? I think I have a decent handle on Oxfordian culture at this point, so I’m itching to get away for a few days. And getting away to just another location in England doesn’t seem to be quite far enough.

Enter crazy idea: there are three days between Blackpool and my final tutorial. There (at the time that this idea struck me) are four essays that need to be completed by the end of term. Brilliantly stupid plan develops to complete all the term’s work before Blackpool and spend those three days in some random country that hopefully speaks English and hopefully with a friend. If friend cannot be found, pick a really safe city.

I’m almost there too. Three of the four essays have been written, though I am a little concerned about their quality and I’m a bit shell-shocked from not having seen the light of day in a week despite the beautiful weather here. I have a massive spreadsheet of which flights are feasible and affordable to a wide range of European destinations. I have the tentative blessing of my parents. All I’m really lacking…someone to go with?

But I don’t know if that will stop me to be honest. I need to jet off out of Oxford! I need to see the world! I need to not slip when doing a push up and bite my lip because it still stings! I’ll keep everyone updated on how the last second travel plans develop, and hope that someone sees this and decides that a mini vacation before a vacation is just what they need as well 🙂


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