Oxford Moments and Spray Tans

Wow what a week and a half. I’m sure people have noticed (okay I can think of one person in particular who notices) that I haven’t been posting lately, but I promise I have good reason. As I believe I said in my last post, I decided to throw any common sense I possessed out the window and to finish my entire term’s worth of work over a week early. Why you ask? Because this weekend is Ballroom Dance Championships, also known as Blackpool, and I really wanted to travel. So with my nose to the grindstone, I cranked out 5 essays AND revised my graduate application multiple times, to slide into the finish line yesterday with a cold.

With writing so many other essays, updating a blog just seemed too overwhelming. Unfortunately this means that I can’t really do justice to everything that has been going on so this will be more like a highlight reel of things I can actually remember. Which honestly might be pretty few at this point since my head is full of personality and intelligence and I’m a little high off of hairspray.

I’ve spent most of the last week in front of my computer or with my dance partner, prepping for Blackpool or just generally hanging out. He did convince me–not that he had to try very hard–to join him for a play on Wednesday night. One of the girls in his lab produced it so he was going to support her. I once again have an appreciation for subtitles as the play was entirely in Spanish and I would’ve missed out on all the wonderful humor. It was like a Spanish Count of Monte Cristo turned into a comedy. I was incredulous at first at how many people were there; I couldn’t figure out why so many people in England had reason to know Spanish so fluently. After all, they were really far away from Mexico. After I embarrassed myself by saying this to Dan, he reminded me that there is a little country on the continent called SPAIN where they originally spoke Spanish.

I give new meaning to an Oxford Blonde Moment.

During the intermission, Dan and I were both really sleepy, through no fault of the play, so he suggested we take a breath of the cold open air. I took the suggestion one step further, and soon we were practicing our Jive routine in the middle of Queens College, completely ignoring the stares of seven random strangers.

Now that is an Oxford OUDC Moment.

After the play, we went to G&Ds and then back to our respective houses. I love how my partner is so cultured 🙂

Yesterday I was ill and I highly doubt anyone wants to hear about that.

Today, however, is a big day. In a few hours, we are leaving for Blackpool, the culmination of all our training this year. I’m really looking forward to spending time with all my friends, and to dance with my amazing partner! Of course, I’m not looking forward to the spray tan which forced me to scrub my skin completely raw in an attempt to “exfoliate” and to inhale half a can of hairspray because I can only braid my hair when it’s soaking wet. Such is the life of a dancer. My lungs feel very sticky.

This isn’t the most eloquent of blog posts because I’m rushing to update you all before I head off for my spray tan and go AWOL for three days. And then as soon as I get back from Blackpool and wash off all the makeup, I have to repack and head out for my trip to Zurich! And then Mommy comes to visit! And then Daddy and Kevin! And then Paris! And then possibly Georgia! And then, and only then, will I finally sleep 🙂


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