Banana Bread

Ah computer…why must you tweak out on me? So this post was (I thought) posted on Saturday, so do the Time Warp and bring yourself back to that gloriously cloudy day on the weekend…

The best thing about being on a dance team and having optional practices in some form or another nearly every day is that you have a built in set of taste testers on whom to pawn off any baked goods you get a sudden craving to make but that you know you can’t eat all by yourself. Granted, the friendships and camaraderie and overall good times you can have with them certainly must be taken into account, but the baked goods consumption is definitely the main reason I love my team.

I had an almost uncomfortable amount of time yesterday morning and absolutely nothing to do; having written an entire 2000 word paper the day before I was not feeling like getting a start on next week’s work in the slightest. But I have myself on a pretty regular sleep schedule by this point, so like it or not I was wide awake at 8 am. I tried going back to sleep, but finally just gave up and started my mind wandering around trying to think of how to spend my morning since tutorial wasn’t until 5:30. This wandering mind of mine suddenly halted on the unopened carton of sour cream and three overripe bananas chilling out in my freezer. Only rational solution: bake more banana bread. And not just any banana bread, but an experimental banana bread!

So I did just that. I spent the next two and a half hours developing my own banana bread recipe for honey cinnamon banana bread and then attempting it. And for a first go-around, it wasn’t all that bad. Insanely moist because I forgot that frozen bananas add more moisture to a recipe than fresh and consequently I would need to reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by a bit more. I could have tried to bake out the rest of the liquid but I was paranoid of burning it, and after over 80 minutes in the oven the top was definitely a dark brown. Nonetheless the flavor was pretty tasty, even if in need of more honey, and I sent the recipe off to my mom with some instructions on how to alter it for the second attempt because I’m way more likely to want to try a completely new baking item next time than wait for bananas to ripen again. My house back in the States always seems to have ripened bananas in the freezer, so hopefully soon I’ll be getting taste testing notes from her attempt.

But I was able to bring half of the loaf to practice hall last night and revive my team from their post-rehearsal blood sugar drops. Varsity trials were this morning so there was quite a few couples doing last minute run throughs, ours included. As I ended up barely sleeping last night, it seemed like no time at all had passed between handing out my treats and seeing everyone again this morning, yet in that time the atmosphere of nerves had definitely multiplied.

The Varsity squad is broken up into A team and B team, and as no Beginners trying out were going to have even a slight chance of making A team, we sat down in a corral in the corner of the floor to watch the main team couples battle it out for those 9 slots. I certainly didn’t envy the coaches’ position; I never could have picked out the couples from everyone because everyone was really incredible. It made me feel like I was so full of hubris just for trying out for the varsity side at all. I’m not worthy of dancing with these amazing couples! But choose they eventually did and at 10:20 they called up the Beginners and the pressure mounted. There were some open slots on the B side, and now we would have to compete against each other for them.Pressure on for sure. And it’s really difficult competing against your friends, because as much as you want to make the squad, you really want them to do well also, but it’s the nature of the game that not everyone is going to make it. Kind of makes you really conflicted.

The end result was that they added 5 of the couples to the B side, but two of us will become the reserves, though they still haven’t decided which ones of us those will be. So basically, our tryouts continue in our lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. Pretty much the furthest thing from ideal as the pressure remains on for the entirety of the week. Great. Sigh. But at least they gave us our dresses already!

After tryouts and dress selection, we all headed over to Acland to pick up our wristbands for tonight’s ball at Keble! It’s going to be awesome and exhausting, and I have to go get ready! See you all there 🙂


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