The Big Reveal

So where was it that Dan and I disappeared to this weekend? I’ll give you a few hints, so see if you can guess it before the end of this post.

It’s one hour ahead of England.

We did not take a plane.

They speak two languages, neither of which is English.

Dan was unfortunately not helpful with either language; I managed a broken version of the other.

They have an obsession with a peeing child.

Lots and lots of chocolate!

Home to the EU headquarters.

We both definitely consumed two of the most delicious waffles ever.

Yup! We went to Belgium! Specifically, Brussels. We left on Saturday morning, took the Eurostar into the capital of Belgium and then spent two and a half gloriously perfect days taking in this incredible city. I don’t feel like I can really do an account of the trip justice at the moment, since my plane home leaves tomorrow and I have some last minute things to get done, but rest assured there will be three long winded accounts of each day coming your way as I settle back into life in California.

Partners in the Grand Place, Brussels!


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