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I can’t tell whether I have good senses for when a guy is gay or if I’m hopeless. Last night was no indication either. The night started out like most of our Friday nights with a fantastic formal hall dinner at Teddy, but instead of the usual trudging back to our respective rooms freezing because Sub Fusc offers no protection from the elements, we took a daring step and went…to a cocktail bar.

With the bottle of wine Kelsi snuck into Hall...shhhh!

So not that daring; we’ve been to the Grand Cafe for drinks before, but this was a Friday night which somehow felt more appropriate after a formal dinner, especially since we weren’t going clubbing last night. I had the tie from last week stuffed in my purse just in case that guy came around (he didn’t) and wanted to relieve me of a tie (still have it).

I like The Grand Cafe. I’m assuming that the cocktails are reasonably priced during happy hours because I have limited aka no experience with buying alcohol, but the real draw is that their happy hour is 7-11 pm every night including Fridays and Saturdays. We snagged a table pretty much right away and sat ourselves down for a night of good friends, some laughs, and some tasty beverages. Jordan had a friend from her university at home in for the evening who is a genius with a camera lens, and based on one of the photos she took of me, Kelsi insisted that I live my life holding a martini glass. Apparently, martini glasses and I just fit, though I haven’t quite figured that one out yet as I was just paranoid of spilling it the entire time.

The Grand Cafe's version of an appletini

The best part about the bar were these huge mirrors that outline the entire place, making it ideal for people watching. We had our eyes on this foursome of guys. Not because they were cute, but because they were obviously gay. We spent quite some time analyzing why we felt that vibe from them–turns out it was the way they carried themselves, standing up straight but with a confident ease–and discussing the general merits of flirting. Janosz had the intriguing idea to have the four of us stare at them and see which one of us they made eyes at when they realized we were watching them as a test of whether our first assumptions were correct. Well they definitely knew we were watching them, so I made a bold statement that Kelsi it turns out didn’t think would actually come true: I said that those guys would be over at our table before the night was over.

Of course I didn’t really expect it either.

But it really didn’t take long. As soon as I went up the bar to ask for a glass of water, the guys converged on me and within two minutes the bartender was making me a drink at their request. While I explained to the main guy my views on guys ordering the “girly” cocktails (I think it shows a guy is comfortable with himself and for me it isn’t an automatic red flag, which surprised them), one of them made his way over to Kelsi, Jordan, and Janosz, fulfilling my prophecy with no effort on our parts.

Nothing was going to happen; I made it perfectly clear that we were not going clubbing with them and that we were all going straight home alone after leaving the bar. But this kind of muddled the situation. They had come up to a table of two girls and a guy after buying a girl a drink: gay or straight? Our final assessment was gay because as soon as Janosz left to go to the bathroom the guys all left our table. Can you blame them though? Janosz is pretty awesome.

Janosz goes all awesomely mad scientist with glass and fire

For me at least the funniest part of the night was on our way back home when Kelsi whipped out her breathalyzer to test our BACs. I had consumed a bit more alcohol than my normal limit and so doubled over laughing when my results came out as……


Legally I would have been okay to drive, though I never would have gotten behind the wheel because I am a smart girl whose Lawyer Daddy taught her well 🙂 But it was still pretty funny. Guess I have alcohol resilient blood!