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Bikini in the Snow

It was a really dumb idea. In all seriousness, how stupid would it be to attend a bop in a bikini top, grass skirt over jean shorts, and a Hawaiian lei, when two days earlier it had snowed?

Answer: really stupid. Solution: Change your mind last minute and don’t dress like that.

And that’s the Oxford brain at work. I went through all that trouble getting my friends to donate articles of clothing for a costume for the Keble MCR “Beach Party Down Under” Australian bop and then chickened out of my costume anyway. Oh well for all the guys there, but I was not going to become a Jenna Icicle for their entertainment. Of course part way through the night, as the small MCR filled with more people and the temperature of the rooms rose accordingly, that bikini top was sounding pretty good. But alas, I had already made my decision and was actually happier for it.

Normally undergraduates don’t attend graduate student bops, but Dan is my awesome and older dance partner so I went as his guest. He has a friend visiting him from Paris so it was a cool chance to hang out with her and attempt to get dirt on my dance partner (there isn’t any). The beginning of the bop was that typical awkward stage where no one is drunk enough to dance yet and since I really don’t know that many people in the MCR that I’d feel comfortable just walking up to and chatting with, I ended up hanging back for the first hour and kind of just people watching. Most people would be surprised to hear that I can actually be quite the wallflower since apparently I have a reputation for being a professional party guest (no idea how that one got started! 😉 ). Suddenly I looked around and was partnerless, and therefore automatic friendless, and so I had to shuffle into another room to try and find him. I wasn’t successful, but I did find the Canadian whose birthday was last week during the Super Bowl party and he and I ended up backed into a corner talking for a solid hour. That is always my favorite part of parties, those random but awesome conversations with people that you would never expect to happen. Unfortunately he had to leave pretty early so I then was once again abandoned and alone, no dance partner in sight.

Thankfully yet another dancer on the ballroom team (actually now that I think about it, two of them) found me and rescued me from yet another bout of wallfloweritis. And we found Dan. And another ballroom guy. Yes! Dance party time 🙂 This is where the temperature skyrocketed and I only lasted about another 45 minutes before my exhaustion and overheating kicked in to the point of forcing me outside into the cold for good. I was having a great time, but I also hadn’t slept in two days and the heat was lowering my blood pressure too much and I decided to leave. Unfortunately this now means that Dan is in possession of half of my life’s worth of stuff in his room, but at least I trust him enough to not have to worry that my camera will be lost for all eternity. Overall, another awesome night out with Partner at Keble.

Why was I so sleep deprived? you ask. Not entirely sure, but I know that I got a whopping two hours of sleep after rehearsal Friday night and so during Saturday morning rehearsal (at which we danced particularly well!) and the entire rest of the day I was so sleep deprived that I started acting my British shoe size, which is about a size 3 1/2 or 4. Meaning my friends all had to essentially babysit me. Luckily I have awesome friends who are all proving themselves to be great future parents. No one trusted me with cooking so they kept me away from the stove and knives and smiled lovingly when I said things like “Oh yeah the France was from wine” instead of the obvious correct “Oh the wine was from France.” They still let me go out last night, but it was with hugs and reassurances to be safe and make sure I was able to get a reasonable amount of sleep (I did by the way, so I am now up to my American shoe size of 6 1/2, much more manageable for a bunch of 20somethings to watch over).

This whole week, and I am apologizing for the gushiness for a few sentences, has really proved to me just how much my group of friends here has become my family. I absolutely love them and am so grateful to them all xoxo