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Yesterday was a little bittersweet: the first Thanksgiving away from home, but my college was kind enough to put on an English version of an authentic American Thanksgiving dinner for all the visiting students and our tutors. While definitely not as good as Thanksgiving is at home surrounded by my family, it was a wonderful substitute to sitting on my own all night moping in homesickness (well, I would’ve had Latin rehearsal, so I’d have been moping there).

We started with drinks in the Principal’s Lodging, which was so crowded that half the time I was literally standing in the fireplace. Don’t worry no fire was in the grate. Then we went down to the Old Dining Hall for a Thanksgiving Feast, generously cooked by our head chef. Of course, he is very insistent on maintaining his gourmet reputation when it comes to formal dinners, so it wasn’t quite an authentic dinner, but it was still relatively close and everything was tasty. Having the food mostly pre-portioned on our plates prevented the majority of us from ending the night with the traditional massive food babies in our stomachs–though some of the boys still ended up in food comas and I have no idea how! The best part was definitely the delicious pumpkin pie with vanilla bean cream…sooooo good. Probably the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had (Sorry, Mom).

After dinner, we had some entertainment. Sam sang a beautiful mashup of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World” and then I did 1 minute of Cha Cha on my own because I couldn’t find a partner. Not an experience I want to repeat in the near future. Luckily, no one there knew any better, so they didn’t realize that I forgot my dance and my feet fumbled all over the place! Then we sang a few songs, which was a little weird but apparently the Brits love to sing, and indulged in some Winter Pimms or Apple Cider in my case.

Overall, not a perfectly traditional Thanksgiving, but I still got to spend it with my friends (and the principal because somehow I ended up sitting next to him) and my Oxford family, so it was a wonderful substitute. Happy Thanksgiving!